Our own cosmic horizon

In Game of Thrones, Khal Drogo and Daenerys addressed each other as “my sun and stars” or “the moon of my life”. When you are deeply in love with somebody, that person becomes your Everything, your metaphorical horizon can’t be seen without that person walking towards it with you. So, we then become part of each other’s universe in every thinkable way. From my point of view, we don’t realize we don’t have to be anyone’s cosmic horizon but our own one. When you know and accept it, that you are a Universe, a Cosmos full of life in perfect balance, you accept you need nobody because the other is you as well. Another planet in another Universe with its own cosmic horizon.

We are mountains and valleys

I was someone’s horizon once.

I don’t even remember when.

But I’m no dessert.

I am a planet with all its geographical features.

The human body orography.

Human body orography

We are mountains and valleys. A living and dormant planet. The Universe made human.

My heart is the melting core waiting to be awakened. Its lava pushing from the nucleus every time something moves it. Every time IT has to move. To change. Plate tectonics appearing when your heart is broken. Everything cracks. Shatter to pieces. The old breaks clearing the way for the truth. Your true being. What you truly are. Your purest being.

My lungs are canopied forests that refill me. Oxygen jungles. Inhaling… Exhaling…  In and out. Out and in. Inhale… exhale…

Fingers as crown trees caressing reality… touching everything… They touch, experience, FEEL. They connect us with everything when the distance between them and something becomes zero. Beautifully magical connection.

Legs which take root through my feet, they balance and support my body. My being. They help me to hold up when I’m lost, when I’m looking for myself. The anchor of an earthly ocean.

Eyes black (brown-blue-green) holes which transport you to another Universe. A different dimension. They look out understanding and loving what they see. Accepting the existence of that abyss in the other’s eyes… knowing there are much more than two “simple” eyes. They aren’t eyes, they are stars. And they take you straightaway to see the other’s soul.

And the skin. Skin which is Earth’s crust. It protects me and allows me to be what I’m here. A human being. It suffers and gets damaged. It erodes inevitably but that bestows the beauty of the consistency. But above all, skin to feel. To feel and acknowledge that it is the separation that makes you different in comparison to everyone else. Our skin.

The weather is in me as it is in the Earth. Grey rainy days and floods in teardrops shape. Crying that is storm. Tsunamis of emotions flooding each and every corner of my self, vanishing everything from my horizon forever. They change you completely.

Then you become a dessert. More like he wanted you to become a dessert. But you know, there is even life in the dessert. Dunes of rest and the long way out to know yourself. And when you find yourself, the mirage of the oasis suddenly turns real, and life, to the dessert, is brought by you. Belief finally understood. You were the water that you needed.

So you turn into a river and you start flowing. You let yourself gracefully flow above the ground. Your toes, your feet, knees, belly, arms… slowly disolving down. Nothing matters then. You just flow where the ground takes you. Speed neither matters. It doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t because you are a river now. You FLOW. You stop, run, whirl, you slow down, you go fast and then you stop again. When you find an obstacle, and only in that very moment, you consider how to go on and you do it. That’s what water makes. That’s what being a river is. It was Bruce Lee who said it: “Be like water my friend”.

And at the end of your path, you flow into the vastness of the ocean. You arrive to your final destination of eternal and peaceful rest. And the cycle starts again.


I love being a planet.

Being the Universe is magical.

I love seeing life in my horizon.

cosmic horizon

We are mountains and valleys

Aldous Harding and her “Horizon”

Firstly, I believe very few of you might know this artist. What’s more, I didn’t know her either before this song. I first listened to it in Radio 3 station in this radio programme called “180 grados”. As usually with some songs, when I listened to it, it spoke to me in that special way it makes me stop doing whatever I am doing. Then, after it, I looked for the podcast, and found both her name and the song’s. So I went on youtube and found the video:

The moment I found it was perfect timing for me, as usually with all these songs I say they are signs sent from above, and it came to tell me something. Of course there can be as many and different interpretations as moments in life and people can be. Thus, for me, I got this electricity thing I always mention, that makes me emotional and gives me goose bumps. I don’t know… I believe songs are signs every time you listen to them and their message goes directly to your heart and speaks to it in a particular way that makes you understand something you didn’t or gives you answers to something you had within… and it’s touching. And I cried with emotion. Literally.

Secondly, Aldous Harding seems to me the type of artists that we lack a lot. I mean I believe she’s unique and owns a sensitivity which is hard to find. What’s more, if you take a look around her videos on Youtube and also the interviews, you’ll see a different human being. But different because she always speaks from her truth. She says and makes what she IS and what she feels. She doesn’t care about being understood or accepted or admired… I mean she just cares about doing and expressing what she needs to express. To be able to find ways to put her feelings into words. And from my perspective, she makes it pretty good.


The song

I’m writing the lyrics below for you to make your interpretation as from the video. In my view, the meaning brings me the feeling of that person who is facing a very difficult decision and has to choose the best for her. I believe the black and white dressing in the video shows the eternal fight between good and bad. The woman in white moves trying to find her balance, trying to find peace by keeping “evil” or problems far from herself. In her horizon, where Aldous in black is watching her, waiting for any weakness to make her unstable again. You know the best for you is saying goodbye to what stops you from being better, despite loving it. It will probably be one of the most difficult choices you will ever have to face, but you know and feel in your heart that it the best for you.

Therefore, this is my personal interpretation because it is precisely what the song confirmed for me. I had to say goodbye to the person I had loved the most, but I had to do it because I needed to also say goodbye to the darkness and suffering he had placed me in. So, my best choice was holding myself up, keeping me safe and not clinging to who was mistreating me, abusing me, ignoring me and hurting me. Also, the song made me realize that I didn’t have to regret my ultimatum one year ago, although he had chosen his horizon without me. I had given him everything, my whole being, my whole heart and soul. All of my love, although being her sun and stars and him being the moon of my life wasn’t enough. Because he chose otherwise.

So, thanks to this song I made amends with his choice and I accepted that freedom lies in choosing. And I let him free because I loved him. And it was the most difficult thing I have ever done. I lost you to lost me to finally find me again.


“HORIZON” – Aldous Harding

Let me put the water in the bowl

For your wounds, babe

Let me fill you up with the fingers of love

You can’t lose babe

When you watch me play, does it feel bad, darlin’

When they choose me?


Say again, this place  x2


I broke my neck

Dancing to the edge of the world, babe

My mouth is wet, don’t you forget it

Don’t you lose me


Here is your princess

And here is your horizon

Here is your princess

And here is your horizon


I’ve gotta scratch it down,

I never could amount

That’s it, babe

And now the sugar’s run out

And i don’t know what to say


Say again, this place   x2

Here is your princess

And here is your horizon

Here is your princess

And here is your horizon


And every now and then, I think about

When you’ll die, babe

There’s a fall in my head

It floods what you said into the room, babe

 I don’t belong in the desert

Yes, I can see it,

take me home, babe


Say again, this place x2

Here is your princess

And here is your horizon x4


In conclusion, this would be my interpretation of it and of the video… or well, it is what the song made me feel or understand. I’m not saying it is an easy song to understand, I’m just saying I love it for its sensitivity and for the message given to me.

What do you think about it? What is your interpretation of the video or the song? I would love to read about your ideas and feelings about all in your comments below. We can help each other with our different interpretations.

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Raan Joseph · 9th February 2021 at 11:21

Not everyone is burdedned with a destiny for which one must sacrifice the security and comfort of a place and person to abide (and lose oneself) for a distant expansive horizon toward which one must go and leave all else behind, otherwise, unfulfilled, that home would become empty and the love would never be enough to suffice – it cannot replace that horizon that calls – beckons – demands that one seek the eternal quest that drives the soul destined for it. This song perhaps is the expression of that unrequited lover knowing the choice that must be made, knowing also that they can never be enough to satisfy the lofty desire of the other’s heart.

Let me know what you think here! ;)

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