What are you going to find here

I'm not selling anything, nor do I want you to give me anything. If you like good (and not mainstream) music, I invite you to sit and enjoy some of the best songs ever (in my world at least) while you read about my interpretations of them and how they had helped me to heal and learn who I really am

Super hits

Some songs are really famous or top five's, some are not so mainstream, but what they truly are the greatest hits of my life. I call them my "pearls".


I started to learn English because I wanted to understand what the lyrics were saying, so here are some of the best lyrics in the history of music... or at least in my history ;)

Song meanings

Always from my point of view, I bring what the songs mean to me, because they always reveal a message much needed for me in the particular moment I post about them


I used the drawings of some songs to channel out the feelings in me, expressed through colours and some excerpts from the lyrics


Some pictures of my real life when I see something in particular that reminds me of a song which always gives me a message about me.


These songs are always messages on point that helped me heal my issues through difficult times. They can give answers to my questioning or help me see my truth

Sobre mi


Sobre mi

"Para que una semilla alcance su máxima expresión necesita deshacerse por completo. La cáscara se rompe, el interior sale hacia fuera y todo cambia. Para alguien que no entiende el crecimiento, parecería su completa destrucción" - Cynthia Occelli




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Im a soul inhabiting this female body. If you want to know about my career through these years experience, go to the LinkedIn profile.
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Blog - Banda sonora de mi vida

Estas canciones forman la banda sonora de mi vida, dándole estructura, sentido, significado y sentimientos a mis problemas diarios

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