2 years now. It’s been two years without him or his voice. As the song states, in music nowadays nothing compares to him. He could express so much with just his voice and apparently it was so effortless.

I have already posted this song in this post when Chester passed away too, and I found that people didn’t know a lot about suicide. I consider this topic is profoundly stigmatised and misunderstood so I tried to explain my point in the post. You can read it here.

I don’t like repeating songs, but the thing is I really like his interpretation here. From my perspective I feel it is completely “emotional”. What I want to mean is that it is not only his voice coming out through his mouth, but also a part of his soul, expressing itself like that, just singing. And it is beautiful. And I love it.

I really like artists when they put a lot of themselves in their art… mmmm… I mean, I only like artists like those.. Because when they are like that I can feel their souls are talking to my soul too. It is a kind of magical communication. Two souls talking to each other in 5 minutes long instants. Through songs I mean. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. As I say, nothing compares to this kind of communication. The expression of the soul through creativity is something fascinating for me.

We miss you. I miss you. I know you are in peace now, shining your light wherever you are now. At least I can still listen to you even though you are not singing to us new songs anymore. It doesn’t matter, because I still listen to you the same times as before. When I need your light, and peace and serenity. And you know what, the last are abstract and eternal notions so you are, and always will be eternal too.

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I always believed that “real” artists are, at least for me, those who show a lot of themselves in whatever they are doing. Arts, painting, drawing, music… any type of Arts you can come out with. Something of their souls needs to be put out there or otherwise, it wouldn’t work for me. There has to be an emotion, a message, a deep meaning in whatever I am facing, because if it is not touching, I don’t like it. It tells me nothing. Like literally nothing. Nothing compares to being real.

So what do you think about this? What makes an artist a “real” artist for you? What are the features they have to have to “really” move you?


Let me know what you think here! ;)

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